Fildena 50 – Side effects

Fildena  is a breakthrough product for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Commonly called “impotence” erectile dysfunction affects the male reproductive organs of Member States, and makes it really difficult to achieve a satisfactory erection during sexual arousal intercourse. Sildenafil works by increasing the amount of blood reaching the penis. Sildenafil may also reduce blood pressure. Its effect in women, particularly in the treatment of female sexual disorders excitation has not yet been proved. Sildenafil may also be useful for patients suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension, a condition characterized by elevated blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs v.Sildenafil Citrate is the generic name Fildena 50 – the total production of the brand Fortuna health Indii.Fortuna Healthcare India is an ISO 9001: 2000 company, founded in 1986 year, primarily with their production in general equivalent, and much more accessible version of Viagra of Pfizer. The company manufactures more than 300 products and has 40 products registered in the Philippines. He is working to get a few other medications that are registered in Vietnam and other Asian countries.

Advertisements Reviews

The customer is the best possible way to deduce a medication’s effectiveness. Until some customers reviews are made available online we shall all be kept in the dark regarding how successful this product is.
Buy Filagra pill has created quite the stir for those in need of a Viagra substitute. However, the viability and credibility of the product has not been vouched for on any online forum. Only time will tell of how successful the pill can be as until now, research has revealed that no reviews exist which could give us an insight of the pill and its working capabilities.

The drug comes in variable dosages of 25 mg to 100 mg. As in the case of any other drug, an overdose is strictly prohibited. The medication ought to be taken in a moderate dosage to encounter dependable results. Filagra 25 mg is a milder dosage and is suitable just for men over 18 years old. The information regarding prices is mentioned below:

A Filagra 25mg pill costs $0.94 and a pack of 30 pills costs $26.4. Filagra 50mg pills are slightly higher in price costing $1.00 per pill that makes a 50mg pills-pack cost $30. A single pill of Filagra 100mg costs $1.90 whereas the 30 pill pack costs around $50.

A vaccine against smoking?

Ronald Crystal, a geneticist at Cornell University in New York, summarizes the results of tests of a vaccine capable with a single injection of free forever from the smoking habit: “eat the nicotine in the blood and prevents it gets to the brain, aiming to break psychological dependence. ”
The remedy against smoking for now experienced mice and before you can buy in the pharmacy it will take many human trials, but efforts to counteract the mechanism of nicotine addiction will never be disproportionate to the benefits. The smoke is in fact considered to be responsible for one death in six: talking of Italy, at least 70,000 deaths a year are attributable to smoking. And ‘nicotine actually responsible for the mechanism of addiction.
A cigarette shall issue between 1 and 1.5 milligrams, less than 3 percent of its weight. In about 15 seconds this substance passes from the lungs to the blood to reach the brain. From there, it triggers pleasure, feelings of stress reduction, but also the need to light another cigarette after turning off the first. Convincing antibodies to attack the nicotine in the bloodstream before it reaches the brain is not a trivial matter. The molecules released by smoking are in fact too small because the immune system recognizes them as enemies. And the vaccines tested so far, based on antibody already mature and trained to identify and destroy nicotine, have been found effective in the immediacy, but useless in the long term.
Unlike traditional vaccines, this contains a sequence of genes with all the necessary instructions to the cells to synthesize antibody. The fragment of genetic material is inserted into a virus. The organism will transfer it in the liver cells, where it will start the manufacture of the antibody. The guinea pigs that received the vaccine in the laboratory of New York have seen the level of nicotine in the blood fall to 15 per cent of the normal dose. And the fact that the antibody was directly produced by the liver has stabilized the effect of the vaccine, making it durable. The hope now is that continuing tests and studies will be able to produce a vaccine to help smokers kick the habit and detoxify the nicotine-addiction.

Arrives on the App Store “SIMG Cancer Pain”, to help clinicians in the management of cancer pain

Sara ‘available from June 3 on the App Store “SIMG Cancer Pain” means an application made by the Company’ Italian General Practitioners (SIMG) and sponsored by Teva Italy, a company has always been committed to making high-quality care accessible ‘through the development, production and marketing of generic drugs is both innovative pharmaceuticals, specialty ‘and pharmaceutical active ingredients. The tool is completely free, guide the general practitioner through a limitation of steps recommended in the treatment of patients with “breakthrough cancer pain” (BTCP) and therefore represents a valuable ally for both diagnosis and for therapy.

” Our goal,” said Dr. Pierangelo April Lora, Head of the Palliative Care and Pain Therapy of SIMG” and ‘to deliver to family physicians – with a frequency that does not include among their patients with cancer patients BTCP – a useful tool in the identification of cancer pain in both the management of therapy.” Highlight, then, Lora April:” and ‘essential that the general practitioner is able to kick off a cure opiate-based, possibly to change and to define the rescue dose that allows patients to manage pain on their own.”

” It is a universal application absolutely innovative for the medical industry,” adds Renato Vellucci, medical director of Unit ‘of Palliative Care and Pain Therapy Careggi Hospital and a member of the Ministerial Commission for the application of the Law 38. ” We have before us a simple and intuitive that summarizes the clinical experience available today and enables the general practitioner to become familiar with the BTCP.”

” It is a project in which we immediately thought,” said Marco Agostini, Marketing Manager BU

Teva Generics Italy. ” Our company ‘has always been committed to putting the needs of the patient at the center of all its activities’. Breakthrough pain should be managed and monitored not only by specialists, but also by general practitioners for patients who represent a landmark extremely important.”

SIMG Cancer Paine ‘currently available for iPhone and iPad, but will’ soon adapted to the Android system and also to the personal computer with the Windows system. To download just access the App Store and type in the search engine” SIMG Cancer Pain.”

Bird flu virus H7N9 assurances: no risk of pandemic

The H7N9 virus is not likely, at least for the moment, to trigger a bird flu pandemic. The assurances come from a study published by the experts of the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Shantou University (China), Hong Kong and Toronto in the journal Science, the microbe that not only can not be transmitted through saliva particles suspended air, but probably not even be able to pass from one man to another.

To arrive at these conclusions, the researchers analyzed the transmission of the H7N9 virus in animal models long been used for the study of human influence, such as ferrets and pigs. The data collected revealed that ferrets, the microbe is transmitted well through direct contact between animals, but it is more likely to happen the contagion by air. The fact, however, that it can not be transmitted from a pig to another makes it unlikely to be able to do it man to man. For all these reasons, currently the world’s population does not run the risk of having to deal with a pandemic. Nevertheless, according to experts it is necessary to continue to monitor the spread of the virus, which, having rather long incubation times, takes some time before you trigger the symptoms of the infection, and therefore, if acquires the ability to spread from one person to another, could infect many individuals before we realize his presence.

The assurances were received in response to recent news related to the development of a form of H7N9 resistant to the most common antiviral drugs.

Acne:influenzata dal paziente Acne: influenced by the patient

Many are effective treatments proposed over the years. In an article in the latest issue of the International Journal of Dermatology, according to a study of American, however, most of the therapeutic measures have failed to show a lasting effect because acne is a disease multifattoriale.Alcuni factors can be modified effectively by patients stessi.I results of the study showed that patients with limited knowledge of appropriate behavior of the hygiene of the skin, have developed more easily a disease acne more duratura.Conclusioni to achieve therapeutic success, it seems useful to provide patients knowledge about the disease and introduce a cognitive-behavioral therapy on the use of products for home and lifestyle.

Aesthetic Medicine for the Modern Man

Robert T. Grant, MD, a professor at Columbia University, offers a guide to slow aging male only, analyzing the biological changes at various stages of human life.

30 years
The level of circulating testosterone of a man begins to decrease after age 30, with the loss of lean muscle mass on average by 1% per annum. Because of this, the most important thing a man can do to stay young is to continue to maintain muscle mass. A regular cardiovascular exercise program with weight maintenance is essential to reduce the natural process of aging muscle mass decreases. Proper hydration and attention to rest and diet are reflected in a more healthy youthful appearance.
In this phase, the “maintenance procedures” are less invasive and are cost-effective, can provide results which seem much more natural compared to other choices of surgical origin. Skin care, avoidance of the sun, and the proper use of sunscreen are essential.

40 years
The use of injection of botulinum toxin and fillers has become much more common among men between 40 and 50 years, who are beginning to suffer from the loss of elasticity of the skin of the face. As the face of a man has a blood supply more massive of a woman’s face, the doctors who perform cosmetic treatments on the face must take into account factors such as the depth of the peeling of the skin and the frequency of past use of topical medications.
The most common surgical procedure for men in this age group involves rejuvenation around the eyes. A blepharoplasty, well executed can help revitalize the face of a man in a discreet manner.
50 years and over
The men of this age typically have a growing accumulation of skin along the jaw line and neck. The traditional surgical approaches to the face and neck do not work particularly well on men because the scars can not be hidden under the hairline, as in women. A particular intervention to remove the skin of the neck in excess, hides the scar in the area between the bottom of the chin and the Adam’s apple so that. the presence of hair follicles in the beard also helps to camouflage the scar.

Regardless of age, it is important to encourage patients to make a path anti-aging with a realistic approach to achieve the ideal image of their body. Unfavorable outcomes of cosmetic surgery among men, such as those seen in Bruce Jenner, Mickey Rourke, and Burt Reynolds, should be avoided.